Wednesday, February 29, 2012

VA - Lost Broadcast [SAT015]

Besides having tracks from Satellit heavies Locotronik and Diom (who of course, contribute their share of perfectly placed clicks'n'thumps), "Lost Broadcast" introduces us to d.kuhl, whose "Ferran" is easily one of the best examples of "how its done" in the realm of deep minimal techno.

Atwell Baker double feature: de sol EP + de sol EP (remix part 1)

The hell is this? Not sure. What i do know is that it can be transformed into screwed down lounge and tropical juke like you wouldn't believe.

YARA - SpectruM [cml014]

Pay close attention to these tiny sounds and you will be rewarded with a captivating journey through moonlit forests and misty shores, all the while surrounded by a translucent iridescence that of a soap bubble's shell.

Chris Hanna - Novel EP [FS007]

Chris Hanna's "Novel EP" starts off with the title track's stylish fusion of hypnotic tech-house and dubby acid techno vibes followed by "Gramophonen"'s funky 2step rhythms; floating like bouys on a rolling sea. Ending the EP on a chilled note is "3753 Cruithne", constructed of cozy minimal beats dusted with a delicate and progressive melody.

Karaoke Tundra - Obor Haraburda

Seriously silly sounds of gummi drum machines spurting out bubbly beat pixels into booze fueled bass puddles. The kinda shit that's guaranteed to have you doing the three-step swaggle and the reverse bumblestrut (at the same time). Obviously, with a style like this, its hard to go unnoticed; therefore attracting the attention of Grillo, Polyklinik, Digi G'Alessio and Dnte; each providing their unique takes on this bleeped-out, wonked-up chunk of blip-hop.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kanji Kinetic - Bang Harder EP [MUTANTBASS011]

(i had you at Kanji Kinetic.) For those still reading this... remixes by Kid606, RRRitalin, JAKAZiD, Z-kat and Threnody. Oh and, BASS STEPPIN DRUM'N'RAVE 4 LIFE!!!!!!

RDBN - Zoot Loops

Crunchy clusters of beats and blaps with a sweet lo-fi static glaze; A perfect remedy for the aural munchies.

Monday, February 27, 2012

VA - Choose Ur Way [stasis010]

The vibrant, space-based entity Energostatic brings to us an expansive document outlining its many morphological forms by way of four vectors; each housing two artists.

Vector breakdowns are as follows:

AA: Vast ambient dreamscapes from Wallwerk and Kalgan.
AB: Dubtech for both the chillout room and the dancefloor from Qumesht and Jimmy Myhrman.
AC: Downtempo shufflin' and steppin' from MNSN and Vital.
AD: Crisp and progressive atmospheric drum'n'bass from Marc Atmost and Koss.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

VA - Good Music is Heart to Find [VSfree02]

For the last three or so years i've been pestering fellow Vermin Street collective founder Vinyl Blight to host a non commercial ep or album. It finally happened a few months ago and now this compilation is the second in what i hope will become an ongoing string of free releases; its a solid one too! Burnkane, Misk, Bleep Bloop, LoBounce, Smokey and Casper, +verb, and Richard Sweat all giving you genreburning styles like haunted 2step breaks, futurebased wonkhop, stompin skweecore and polygonal bump'n'grind. Shits even got dolphinbass up in it. Plus boss low-res art(?) by my alter-alter-ego HOTT GRAFFIX. What more could you possibly want? (besides the link to the goddamn album already.)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

JM - Broadcast [Àrtico 03]

As with his past "Period of Consequences" and "Between" albums, JM's "Broadcast" blurs the line between melancholy and ecstasy; fusing industrially tinged rhythm structures built of metallic minimal beats with brightly beaming rays of spacey melodies. In short: a utopian lotus rooted in the detrital murk of dystopia.

Velapene Screen - What If They Can't Trust You? [CF060]

If this album does not get yr neurons headspinning and windmilling in synaptic breaker circles, then there is nothing that ever will. Velapene Screen conducts a braindance opus overflowing with funk-heavy amenacid, skewed electrobass, and chilled IDM jams; making for such an incredible collection of sound-based nutrition that electronic heavies Meat Beat Manifesto, Kero, Duran Duran Duran, and Sense decided to get up on it and show off their remixing skills. Before you ask: Yeah dude, this shit is for real.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PhoniAndFlore - Bad Conqueror EP [FPR063]

As if PhoniAndFlore's "Bad Conqueror" wasn't enough of a psyberstepping beast, a crew of sonic contortionists (Vini Selecta, U-Stone, N-tone, Yamoy, and Uzul) retell its story through haunting nautical atmospheres, uncalculatably gigantic bass wobs, pulverizing breakstep rushes, and ultra-techy lazer chops; all while maintaining the original composition's hazy and mystical undertones.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pasquale Maassen - Fallen Kingdom [Zimmer082]

Pasquale Maassen redlines the PA and smashes the floorboards once again with his hard hitting techno style; this time around utilizing a buckwild tribal house palette while not sacrificing the distortion and darkness of his past Zimmer releases ("Intervention", "Regenerate", "XXX").

Monday, February 20, 2012

Depto-3 - Afterhours Sessions 02 [RSAS02]

Got a few minutes? Of course you do. So sit down and enjoy this little dose of tripped-out jazzbeat dusted with a smokey oneirism. Don't worry, its completely legal.

Ohrwert - Tral [BC4]

Ohrwert traverses the dubglobe from pole to pole; exploring a multitude of environments, encountering aqueous lows and cloudy highs along the way. From snowdrifts to sand dunes, tundra winds to tropical breezes and sparkling snowflakes to warm summer raindrops; "Tral" reaches heights and depths once unknown to even the most intrepid seekers of fragile, bass-driven rhythms.

Tortilla Pass - The Secret Deity EP [OUT_33]

Seemingly out of thin air, "The Secret Deity" comes strolling through your field of perception toting a mysteriously glowing satchel full of dreamlike and imaginative sounds; a meticulously crafted batch of psychedelic comfort music layered with warm waves of hazy ambience, skittering woodsy beats and playful microsonic organisms.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

B Mus - Nothing As It Seems [SP12]

B Mus gives dublovers and tech-heads alike a solid assortment of minimal grooves in "Nothing As It Seems", making for another extraordinary release from the Sublime Porte label. Starting off this sub study is "Ocean Ground" with its chilled beats cartwheeling through fields of delay followed by cloudy rhythmic hooks in "A Birds Migratiton" and the eel-like "The Dub"; slinking and slithering its way through murky waters. The thumping roll of "In Trust" changes the atmosphere drastically; evoking a darker mood via techno-driven deepness before we are met with traditional dubhouse tones in "Moirer", and i absolutely can not not mention the bonus material in the form of remixes by Zzzzra, Grad_U and Sublime Porte.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rasul Mono - Silhouettes [SLNT034]

"Silhouettes" plays out like a dream, immediately enveloping the listener in the shimmering, luminescent haze of the opener "Those Days" along with the feeling of walking a fragile tightrope of magnetic tape in "The Nest" to later end up ensconced in "Drive Me Home"'s psychedelic resonance. The sounds of birds chirping and unknown sources of glitchy static orbit the slowly swirling liquid core of "11 AM" after which, blankets of soft synths hover like observant spectres in "Kaloev". "Dogstar" transmits its lush waves of healing energy from countless light years away to welcome in "Mechanical Bride"'s eerie yet calming atmosphere interspersed with the distant presence of semi-organic whirs and clicks.

Aitänna77 - Night Loops [tube246]

Sonically illustrative steampunk lullabies; alive with pleasantly twinkling chimes, plucked chords and whispy melodies all intertwined with sparse percussive elements, creating a mechanically soothing ruralism.

Friday, February 10, 2012

(((О))) - Royal/Crush [ODT-035]

These two epic ground gazing tracks are heavy as corpses and deep as graves. Perfect for getting yr funeral rave on to like its nobody's goddamn business. Thank you (((О))), more please.

Zeuge - More Deeply [AR_016]

"More Deeply" is an absolute must for anyone even slightly into IDM/breakcore/splatterbreaks. You know what? Fuck it. This album should be listened to by fans of anything; who knows? you just might start liking complexturly hardcore acidsplatter and crunchy industrial-grade breakstep. Maybe the glitchful atmospheric breakchaos remixes of and by Tim Balista will become yr new favorite songs. The only way to know for sure is to give it a proper listen.

Juno6 - Devils From Darkonia [brq 079]

Juno6 combines elements of groove-heavy minimal techno with textural ambient experimentalism, and the outcome couldn't be more pleasing. Another intelligent and danceable release from the forward thinking funkists at the Broque label.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shaula - Medusae [rc049]

Shaula presents a little collection of guitar-based ambient odes as delicate and brittle as their source of inspiration; the mysterious and ever drifting cnidarians of this deep blue planet.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

heRobust double feature: Late Night + Morning After [STRTLP003+004]

Get yr lean on in directions never before thought possible with this double-stacked dose of heavy future funk and holographic glitch glam from heRobust, providing plenty of zig-zagging bass jams to bump in yr hover-hoopty and/or smoke a cyber-doob to. "Late Night" starts off with a bang equivalent to the force of being quantumly up in infinite clubs with the hyped-out megaswag of "Facebook Lift" and "Coma Toast"'s boisterous, belching bass pools. "Atlantarctica" chills proper in a cosmic lounge, after which "Souled Out" and "Frontman Bandwidth" display their wonky bits in the classiest fashion. "In Da Lab" brings the album to a wobbly, sub-shuddering end; leaving one to wonder what this "Morning After" has in store. Its opener, "Crystalinstrumental" beams bright rays of melody through sparkling jazz overtones, bringing on the feeling of a late-waking weekend day. The following "Swagriculture" and "Abdominull" shine with an upbeat swing, emitting hypnotic head-nod waves from a glowing, bubbly center. "Cup Song" is a K-hole in an arcade (an arKade-hole if you will); slithering, bobbing and bleeping its way into the cooled out gummi-bounce of "Chaka Con Artist" and "Superfume"'s squiggling soulness, which brings this prime cut of audibly consumable production (as well as this lengthy article) to a close.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sluggart - Languish [xpl007]

The Xtraplex label is a fairly new blip on my radar and i was going to do a writeup about it, but haven't found the time due to so much music coming out all the time from everywhere, so i'll let their newest release (Sluggart's "Languish") play harbinger to the label's aesthetic and output. Think: golden era downtempo IDM with a hazy future feel, and yr close. "Languish" is an ultravivid dreamscape containing shimmering synthwork, crisp and crunched beats alike, playful melodies, and clouds of crackling ambience.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time Wharp - BLK EP [ASTR011]

A lengthy departure from the unabashed ridiculosity and octopus-on-a-table-of-electronics aesthetic of his previous "later.", Time Wharp's "BLK EP" focuses on creating modern bass mutations with a sparkling and melodic sheen. Additional swing, swag and sway provided by top notch streetbeaters RAJA, Obey City and The Range.

All Day Sleep - Directions

All Day Sleep approaches the ambient/drone genre from four atmospherically distinct directions in this aptly titled album from the undefinable Holy Page label. Starting this trip is "North" with its feeling of slowly walking through a windswept starlit field of tall grass, then longing for times past in the mournful "East". "South" flutters and hovers like bits of dust in a light beam, followed by "West"'s blissful uncertainty of things to come.

Apes on Tapes - Foreplays Remixes [HWR-021]

As if the hyped-out blap jams and loungey slowburners of last year's "Foreplays" weren't enough of a treat for all the beat eaters out there, Apes on Tapes employs a gifted crew of fellow Italian sound scientists to give select tracks the ol' once over. The results are as follows: "Big Wordz Big Wizard" gets its rhythm swung up and spliced with samples of a certain late 90's trashbag wearing female MC via Digi G'Alessio, UXO takes "Neat Meat Fiend" and puts a bleep on it, "Verbal Leprosy"'s roll gets slowed by way of Railster's fantasy-tinged syrup bass stylings, not quite sure what to make of Desanimaux's remix of "Les" with its dizzying cacophony of vocal cuts; but i like it, "So And Soul" meets two entirely different fates at the hands of Furtherset's cultish ambience and Grillo's chunky neon funk, MSTK strips "Atarassic" down to its most basic groove, and to sweeten this deal even more; a brand new, untouched track by Apes on Tapes is also included.

みみみ - もしもニアンファミリーズが一人なら [MARU-104]

To skwee, or not to skwee, that is the question:
Whether 'tis wonkier in the track to glitch
The synths and beats of futuristic nature,
Or to work feet amidst a sea of funky juke.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mock The Zuma - Black Puddle [FRIDG006]

Mock The Zuma's vivacious groovesteppers "Black Puddle" and "Trench" fuse spacious organic soundscapes with dubby downtempo 2step creating a haze of tribal futurism, building on the heavily chilled foundation laid down in his previous remix of King SlaFF's "Testament".