Thursday, January 19, 2012

VA - Gem Drops Two [GEM010]

As the sign above a barbed wire bed reads; "DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS". From the dreamy golden fields of S. Marhaba's cult-like "For Someone (Abandonment)" to the mournful mire of Nocow's 2stepper "Sever Ties" (much in the style of his "Ruins Tape" album), feet get working with Natasha Kmeto's "Belly" and a ride on Co. fee's ghetto carousel "Florence" is taken. LDFD creeps and crawls through the glitched virtual 'hood with "SKiFREE" as Gumar's "Hitachi" creates a cerulean soft-glo laser grid, and whatever is happening in Rap Class' "Da Booth", needs to be happening alot more in the future. Other tracks of mention are definitely Mndsgn's queasy stumbler "intenshnnns" and "Searches Birches", a bubbly and skittering downtempo piece by Citymouth (whose previous "Holodecker EP" explodes with texture and melody).

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