Thursday, January 12, 2012

Randomform - Vapr Core EP [BSL_045]

Bringing you that post 2013 sound via self contained bio-rhythmic hypercubes conveniently pre-digitized as audibly re-informative capsules of ear canal filler, is Randomform's "Vapr Core EP". This shit's IDM to the jagged metal teeth, not only the sound though; everything from the classic psuedo-architectural graphics through the track names "Rellic", "Vapr Core 2.4", "Treact", and "4.6ycles". Also known as Datacrashrobot and Sunmoon, Randomform has released a plethora of tracks and eps on Crazy Language, Silent Flow, Bypass, Section 27, Plataforma-LTW, and Pavillon36.

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