Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DAM^BEER - Random Bits [STOP_021]

The silly, slithery funk of the opening "Make u Feel Something" does in fact, make you feel something (like maybe that last puff was a little much) with its bendy synths and crispy hype beats which lead into the glam-crusted warped tape rhythm of "Right Amazing" and "HifreqRythm"'s schizo string plucking jazz freakouts. Other fine examples of beaty experiments gone terribly right can be found in the multidirectional taps and rolls of "Random Shit", "David McCallum Acid Trip"'s nonstop noggin nodding megagroove and the intoxicated swing of "Country Sam" which segues perfectly into the clumsy clunks and thuds of "Electronic Music Patterns", ending this tiny tape on a wonky yet chilled out note.

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