Tuesday, January 31, 2012

VA - In The Face EP [MUTANTBASS010]

This collection of ridiculous rumblers from the audio pervs at Mutant Bass is about as not fuck giving as it gets, presenting dancefloor 'sploding styles like post bro-line tropicore in Hadean's "Psycho Skank" and its accompanying remixes by Heapy and Yeahhbuzz providing the absolute best in raveslaughtering bassline horrorhouse and ultraviolent, skull rattling drumstep. If yr looking for rave juke, Simtek's got you covered with the booty movin, synth-stab havin "Sumo" and Gash's "In The Face" just can't decide between raggawobble and breakcorestep, so its both, duh.

DAM^BEER - Random Bits [STOP_021]

The silly, slithery funk of the opening "Make u Feel Something" does in fact, make you feel something (like maybe that last puff was a little much) with its bendy synths and crispy hype beats which lead into the glam-crusted warped tape rhythm of "Right Amazing" and "HifreqRythm"'s schizo string plucking jazz freakouts. Other fine examples of beaty experiments gone terribly right can be found in the multidirectional taps and rolls of "Random Shit", "David McCallum Acid Trip"'s nonstop noggin nodding megagroove and the intoxicated swing of "Country Sam" which segues perfectly into the clumsy clunks and thuds of "Electronic Music Patterns", ending this tiny tape on a wonky yet chilled out note.

UnoRace - Yes Right Now [Zimmer081]

Taking a rest from bloodying noses and busting brains with his trademark hard minimal sound (past releases can be found on the Motorlab and Zimmer labels), UnoRace opens up to a larger audience with five deeply hypnotic pieces delving into the territories of melody filled acid and speedy dub techno; while not abandoning his uniquely dark approach at 4/4ism. Both danceable and listenable, "Yes Right Now" should be seen as a challenge to producers looking to break the cold techno mold.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Summer of Haze - Come With Me, Hail Mary [ODT-033]

VV ! † С Н
▲ Z

Depto-3 - e2212rmx [7.1.6_022]

Depto-3's unbelievably serene downtempo smoker's tune "earth 2212" gets scrupulously reinvented by cosmic mentalists CyberSlut, Deep Play, Cosmic Honey, Gandarm, DelMaind and Hvnrd, who in turn get their sounds reciprocally re-examined; creating a vast and varied soundscape of alien juke rituals held in star-lit futurebass pyramids surrounded by decaying boom-bap particles in gravity defying masses of glitchy ambience. (oh and.... SPAAAAAAACE)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kappah - Tribal Dances [BR037]

To put it simply: this album is the best and maybe only example of alternate-worldbeat at its WTF-est, from the moombastic disco tinted flamencacid of "Tribal Dance" (which later becomes Digi G'Alessio's big-beat beast of a remix) to the tropical flavored cough syrup drankin trap bass of "Incredibly", Kappah introduces us to funked up cyber cermonies and nomadic glitch bots ready to rumble at the drop of a beat.

Juan Demal - Arrival [c-c-rec_047]

Juan Demal puts the "lust" in luster with four shiny and sexy minimal movers stripped down to their bare essentials. Full of deep chords, lush atmospheres, rich bass, and plenty of playful blips, bloops, clicks and chirps to get feet functioning and skivvies showing, "Arrival" sets a new standard in chilled dance tunes with its inescapable microgroove and roborhythmical allure.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

VA - Outsourced Vol. 5 [OUT_31]

Outlier Recordings continues to be one of the best things to happen to music with the fifth installment in their flawless "Outsourced" series of compilations, featuring subgenre after subgenre from futuristic friends Memotone, Zack Christ, Fancy Mike, Handbook, m∞n, XTRNGR, Kwala (one of my new favorite artists), label and all around musical bosses Oddlogic and WIE plus an internetsworth more. The overall aesthetic of these tracks seems to stem from "future" and "gaze" sounds, filled with saturated samples and strange stuttering bass patterns incorporating textures and techniques from styles such as clicky and fuzzy IDM, chilled-out and wonked-up [trip/hip/glitch]-hop respectively, bleepy bubbly dub and its accompanying "step", jittery juke and blissed out ambient; making for a fresh and interesting listen.

mon0 - Colliding Textures [tube245]

Exploring the depths of sub-aqueous trenches and vast, seemingly endless caverns of inner earth to the cold void of outerspace and beyond, the dark ambient drone compositions of "Colliding Textures" cause one to feel very minute being surrounded by such towering walls of manipulated air molecules as only mon0 can make happen.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ralph Fiki - Seres EP [UN007]

Wasting no time getting to the groove, "Seres Ambivalentes" starts this EP off with some super chilled organic house, followed by the dark shuffletech of "Seres Biporales" and "Pensamientos Retorcidos". The closing "Abismos" then sends you adrift on a foggy ocean voyage with its skeletal beats and eerie ambience. All in all, these tracks are a very different (yet very welcomed) style from the bubbly and progressive sound of "Glowing Sucker Octopus" (a deep dwelling creature examined on the UNconventional label's "Sea Life" compilation), proving Ralph Fiki to be a multifaceted minimalist ready for anything.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

VA - Gem Drops Two [GEM010]

As the sign above a barbed wire bed reads; "DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS". From the dreamy golden fields of S. Marhaba's cult-like "For Someone (Abandonment)" to the mournful mire of Nocow's 2stepper "Sever Ties" (much in the style of his "Ruins Tape" album), feet get working with Natasha Kmeto's "Belly" and a ride on Co. fee's ghetto carousel "Florence" is taken. LDFD creeps and crawls through the glitched virtual 'hood with "SKiFREE" as Gumar's "Hitachi" creates a cerulean soft-glo laser grid, and whatever is happening in Rap Class' "Da Booth", needs to be happening alot more in the future. Other tracks of mention are definitely Mndsgn's queasy stumbler "intenshnnns" and "Searches Birches", a bubbly and skittering downtempo piece by Citymouth (whose previous "Holodecker EP" explodes with texture and melody).

Dubdelight - You & Remixes

This sweet slice of futurism beaming with bright synths and bass-heavy streetjackin beats gets elite treatment by way of FTCT's sleek and sexy 2step, the tropical boombasticness of Koloah, and The Other Side's special blend of syrupy juketrance. Would fit well in both the FullFridge and SATURATE! catalogs fr sure.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thriftworks - Rainmaker

Much like the mass of smoke that is currently hovering between me and the laptop screen, this mysterious audio archive is a dense and shapeshifting entity, unravelling cosmic threads as it dissipates. Dark at its core, "Rainmaker" is an exploration of shamanistic purp circles and futurebass vivisections, exposing bits of gritty mysticism through wonked-up aRcade'n'B joints "Your All" and "Trotter", neon-lit trunk rumblers "Blazer Tag" and "Minions" as well as molasses tempo witchblip jams "Swamp Gods" and "Girls With Paperclips". In two words: essential listening.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Archie Pelago - Prospect Dub Remixes [END006]

Yet another genre-defying release from the end fence crew, this time courtesy of Archie Pelago, who's "Prospect Dub" gets many a diverse reversioning a la Blind Prophet, kuxxan SUUM and De Qualia. Expect some triphop in yr dubstep, tribal IDM, mechanoids on lean, clunky funkstep, etc. As if that weren't enough, kuxxan SUUM's "fogchop" of "Frog & Toad" brings this collection to an upbeat and dubby end.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Polozov - PEACE [OUT_30]

Call it what you will: futuredream, post-psychbeat, sklitch, jellyswag, ghostjuke, etc., whatever it is, the world needs more. How apt-as-fuck that the album's title is "PEACE". Includes sweetly skewed beatups and bendups by sonic sorcerers Oddlogic and WIE.

Alessandro Crimi - A Night In The Forest [bsc_017]

Starting off this jaunt into the deep woods is the proper dubhouse of "Nachtwald", pulsing with warm bass amidst bright, windy chords. Further down the way, the dew-like "Nebelwald" slowly progresses from a fine mist of tape-hiss to a series of burgeoning beat droplets. Ending this tiny trek is "Waldlichtung", a shimmering moonlit lake bubbling with acidic undertones.

Randomform - Vapr Core EP [BSL_045]

Bringing you that post 2013 sound via self contained bio-rhythmic hypercubes conveniently pre-digitized as audibly re-informative capsules of ear canal filler, is Randomform's "Vapr Core EP". This shit's IDM to the jagged metal teeth, not only the sound though; everything from the classic psuedo-architectural graphics through the track names "Rellic", "Vapr Core 2.4", "Treact", and "4.6ycles". Also known as Datacrashrobot and Sunmoon, Randomform has released a plethora of tracks and eps on Crazy Language, Silent Flow, Bypass, Section 27, Plataforma-LTW, and Pavillon36.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stellardrone - Echoes [stasis009]

Subtle, twinkling starpeggios awash in angelic oceans conjure up visions of supernovas and spiral galaxies, creating the unparalleled ambient experience of "Echoes"; a flawless homage to the heavens, radiating with a striking sense of wonder. For other space odysseys by Stellardrone, transmit yrself here.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

VA - Intergalactic Travels

The Urban Waves blog/label traverses the galaxy and rounds up a ridiculous roster of cosmic beatsters old and new for their "Intergalactic Travels" compilation. This audible alien assortment includes screwed-out lazer headnod boogies like Headshotboyz's "General Bloodbath", Lingvisto's "9 Seconds To The Sky" and Himuro Yoshiteru's "Himu Sanpo" along with the glow in the dark dreamblap slowjams of Handbook's "Ascent" and POGFLIPPER's "You Are". Also aboard are LZRKMMNDR and Go Savant! who not only contribute some wicked spacefunk, but whose previous EPs (JUKEWORX, GO SAVANT!) were instantly welcomed to my collection, as is this compilation.

XSOZ - Thoughts in silence [33REC055]

This is pure IIDM (intelligent industrial dance music). From the cybertribal stompers "Below" and "First Things First" to EBM-riddled steptech in "This Pulse" and "9 Years", XSOZ metallurgically KILLS IT!

VNDL - Something for Someone [AR_015]

Not long after his atmospheric broken-beat remix of Synthetic Violence's "Astronomical Poetry" (from the recent "XXVIII VI MCMXCII"), VNDL returns to the Abstrakt Reflections label with a lush and disjointed chunk of malfunction. Tracks like "Corpus Textural" and the Access To Arasaka collaboration "960BXK" are rife with clunks and pulses of cyborgs turned self aware, while the ghostly passages of "Don't Forget The Machine" (parts 1 and 2 respectively) hover about with an uneasy feel.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yaporigami - Loops 2.0 [Hz-007]

Riding the surgically spliced click'n'cut groove laid down on "Loops 1.0", Yaporigami now turns his focus on the beat, rather than the glitch. While still having plenty of that sweet, scratchy crackle of errors audible (be it legit or synthesized); this installment of "Loops" explores the friendlier side of distortion and static, making it more accessible while maintaining its heavy presence.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

VA - Leaving Eleven [LVS001] / Label Spotlight: Leaves

Signifying both the end of another humanly catalogued year and the birth of a label, Leaves gives to us a beautiful collection of spaced-out bedroom ambient and clicky downtempo joints much in the vein of Khavi Collective and fellow Lithuanian imprint Sutemos, on which a few shared artists (Maps And Diagrams, Mind Over Midi, Sleepy Town Manufacture, IJO) have albums (most notably Maps And Diagrams' "Snowglobe EP"). Through fragile glitchjazz pieces such as Pleq's "Someone Like Comes Into Your Life" and Krill.Minima's "Sonnenbad", the immense presence of the cinematic "Human Energy" by The New Honey Shade, and deep aqueous plunges into Sense's "Mysoul Transmission" and Sraunus' "Begales", the "Leaving Eleven" compilation is a much welcomed introduction to the Leaves label.

Morpheground - Enfuse

With its bumblingly boorish beats and face slappin space blappin, this is a cautiously crafted cracked-out concerto for hyphy hydras high on hydro. Know what i mean? If you want to hear more Morpheground, which of course you do, check his track "Where Am I?¿?" on BEAT.IT's "This Is Not A Revival".

Saito Koji - Guide [RB103]

"Guide" is a departure from the vast oceanic ambience of "Music" for open green fields drenched in golden summer sun via eight three minute pieces each radiating with an unrivaled intensity. Titles such as "Alive", "Bloom", and "Peace" should give you a general idea of what to expect.

Elektrabel - TRX12 Remixes [TPR006]

The Transporta label has broken its seven month silence with another heavy hitting chunk of dark cybertech courtesy of Elektrabel, whose previous "Smash Live!", "Smash Piece", and "Exchange vol. 1" (a collaborative effort with Tioneb) are must-haves for seekers of unique acid techno. "TRX12" is a rolling minimalectric spacebreaks jam that gets dubstepped, IDM'd, unminimalized, and ghetto-rushed by Side9000, Peal The Band, Lag, Concrete DJz, and Dialect; making for an extremely diverse set of sounds to be enjoyed at techno-time, or anytime.