Tuesday, December 27, 2011


"SATURATED! VOL. 2" runs like a bumbling jewel thief scurrying through neon lit streets, dropping gem after precious gem, left to shine in the city's rot. From the hard hitting ambient swagger of Racoon X's "LMNT Water" to the abstract moombatech of Joney's "Yo Shut Yo Mouth", new styles emerge through tracks such as "Conflict", a glitch-hype banger by Daniel Savio (the baby-daddy of skweee), and the proper gutterweight smasher "I Make The Purple Bring Me Green" from Dj Pound (whose previous "PurpleTrader" and "Robot Whispers" are in a class all their own, blending cracked and fuzzed beats with bursts of swampy synths). oneone's "Initiative", Subp Yao & Bios' "Bubbles", and Manni Dee's "Garlic Squint" all have an overlying jukeness about them while each adding their own bits of ambience, playful melodies, and dub techniques. Plus material by Phokus, Acre, The Next, Coco Bryce, etc., you needn't bother yr ears with other sonic offerings for quite some time.

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