Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Naive Machine - Basket Bass Beat Tape 2

Ah, time to kick back, throw the ol' bloop cartridge on the turntablephone, and blaze a leafpile. Welcome to Naive Machine's sequel to the wonky blaptasm of the "Basket Bass Beat Tape". To simply call this a beat tape is beyond modest; Its more of a study of the bleepy and bouncy sounds beyond the *-hop galaxy, like the jukin' streetbit of "F**k Rap" and "Noisy Noise"'s wiggly tropicacid. Don't get me wrong, its still got all the over-the-top, zig zagging, crunching and crackling needed to sustain "beat" status, such as the hook-laden cosmic opener "Back to Basics", "Top Down"'s bubbly strut, and the crunchy hypefunk of "Be Discreet" and "Drums Please...".

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