Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mikrokristal - 526 [dumblys003]

Breaking a nearly year-long slumber, the Dumblys label brings forth a beautiful example of the lush green dream that is Lithuanian dubtech, with Mikrokristal's "526". The cover art alone evokes a feeling of drifting off into the aether with no intention of return. The trip begins with "Summer Webs", a chilled click'n'cut arrangement immersed in aqueous bass floes. Mnemonic45 then builds a cozy little ambient cottage from these elements, stays there fr a while and constructs two spooky, skeletal versions of the title track. Later on, minimal funkist Esse joins the crew with "Pasakishkas Sodas". Ending this deep trek through the mossy trees is Pabulum's stripped down and chilled out version of "Ta-Ta" which had previously had been ghostified in Coppice Halifax's "Disphenoid Rmx".

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