Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Label Spotlight: end fence

That "NEW" sound: The one yr always trying to find, but finds you; that's end fence, combining the aesthetics of modern bass, world music, minimal techno, IDM, and rave, just to name a few. Here's a quick summary of three releases that really stand out and why.

 De Qualia "Grasp"

"Grasp" is a mechorganic artifact unearthed, analyzed and abused resulting in a myriad of swirling growls and grunts. Its movement is that of a kinetic sculpture collapsing and reforming. If dark cybershuffle isnt a genre yet, now it is. The accompanying track "Number Slumber" immediately takes off for deep space with an überchill synth leading into sleek minimal bass thuds which are later met by slow-rolling snares and strange voices.

kuxxan SUUM "Language/Barrier EP"

Blending the elements of big beat, trip hop, musique concrete, ambient, and pretty much everything else under the sonic sun; kuuxan SUUM presents a captivating collection of styles undiscovered. This album really made me think about how i listen to music. Of course, a work of this magnitude could not go unremixed. Included, are reworks by: Awning (who turns the glitchy 2 step of "breakMASTERcylinder" into what seems to be part of a cosmic beat tape), Kelpe (transforming the opener, "Dead Supremacy" into a pophop jumper), DJ Nita (utilizing the wobble of "Bahtel Oot" in his bright, upbeat housey version), and De Quaila (who adds some palm trees and a neon sun to the loungey "3G_Yahmoh").

Doctor Jeep "Aztec EP"

First off lemme just say this: "DAAAAAAAAAAAMN, SHITS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!". Really though, this release caught me by surprise. Not even sure what i was expecting to hear, but WOW! Although the tracks all have an overlying oldskool vibe, they each bring some innovative ideas to this nostalgic sound. It all starts off with the title track's barrage of tribal bootylectro which meets some nasty amens (yr dancing just thinking about it). "XTC" inputs the digits 1-9-9-3 into the revive-o-matic and things get all 808, up next is the twangin and bangin of "Samurai Cinema" followed by the lush ghetto-roller "Level ii".

Welcome to the links section end fence, you've impressed a picky listener.

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