Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Seth Chrisman and Darren Harper - Forever Itself Becomes [AGN052]

To write about this tiny ambient ray of sunlight would not do it justice. So i won't even try. Listen for yourself and i'm sure you'll agree.

Optical Framework - Aether Blueprints [CTR019]

Like a dream, "Aether Blueprints" is a familiar yet new and interesting existence. A strange, soothing omnipresence brought on by whispy, almost non-existent dubchords and fragile shards of recordings past, awash in lakes of amplified tape hiss. This is a great companion album to the previous "Surrounded Fog", and i highly recommend listening to both consecutively for some heavy meditation.

Kwala - Shabang

Only a week since his previous release, the mysterious Kwala returns with another spaced-out and sparkling arrangement of candy-coated future glitch for moments of maximum laidbackness.

Strom Noir - Music for the Succulents [rc048]

The loosely woven mesh of delayed and reversed guitar strums in the opening track "Weather Underground" slowly rises, peaks and sets as does the sun during its daily ritual, making way for the pastoral resonance of "Rising Clouds". This brief, yet gripping journey fades to an end in the softly crackling electric veil of "Desert In Bloom".

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


"SATURATED! VOL. 2" runs like a bumbling jewel thief scurrying through neon lit streets, dropping gem after precious gem, left to shine in the city's rot. From the hard hitting ambient swagger of Racoon X's "LMNT Water" to the abstract moombatech of Joney's "Yo Shut Yo Mouth", new styles emerge through tracks such as "Conflict", a glitch-hype banger by Daniel Savio (the baby-daddy of skweee), and the proper gutterweight smasher "I Make The Purple Bring Me Green" from Dj Pound (whose previous "PurpleTrader" and "Robot Whispers" are in a class all their own, blending cracked and fuzzed beats with bursts of swampy synths). oneone's "Initiative", Subp Yao & Bios' "Bubbles", and Manni Dee's "Garlic Squint" all have an overlying jukeness about them while each adding their own bits of ambience, playful melodies, and dub techniques. Plus material by Phokus, Acre, The Next, Coco Bryce, etc., you needn't bother yr ears with other sonic offerings for quite some time.

Naive Machine - Basket Bass Beat Tape 2

Ah, time to kick back, throw the ol' bloop cartridge on the turntablephone, and blaze a leafpile. Welcome to Naive Machine's sequel to the wonky blaptasm of the "Basket Bass Beat Tape". To simply call this a beat tape is beyond modest; Its more of a study of the bleepy and bouncy sounds beyond the *-hop galaxy, like the jukin' streetbit of "F**k Rap" and "Noisy Noise"'s wiggly tropicacid. Don't get me wrong, its still got all the over-the-top, zig zagging, crunching and crackling needed to sustain "beat" status, such as the hook-laden cosmic opener "Back to Basics", "Top Down"'s bubbly strut, and the crunchy hypefunk of "Be Discreet" and "Drums Please...".

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MushroomWavved Collar - Hazed [ODT-030]

"Hazed" is the onset of a bad trip presented in the form of witch skwee, diva dirge, and related abstractitudes. Witch skwee is now a thing.

Jasize - Cybersnow [7.1.6_021]

Covering a vast area of sonic possibilites, Jasize presents an icey slice of Cybersnow. Shifting from "intro"'s robotic whirs and clinks to the primitive cave-like sounds of "tape incuttla", it melts into the slanky, honey-slow "stratosphere defect", clunking around with a chilled smoker's groove giving way to piano-driven microjuke in "tibet motown".

Synthetic Violence - XXVIII VI MCMXCII [AR_014]

Absolutely sick cinematic IDM, bursting at the seams with lo-fi crunches and thumps stitched together with strings of glassy ambient melodies. To give you an idea of what yr in for, the list of remixers includes Tapage, Access To Arasaka, and Tim Ballista; who mutates a twinkling ambient bit called "Goodnight (Just A Dream)" into a bassy monster of crushing cyberstep.

Hyo - Wicked Game EP [CICUTA004]

Hyo brings us a slick, industrially charged minimal clanger jumping with spikey blips and bleeps as if a writhing live wire. Includes dark and techy remixes by PO, Drugstore, and Bran Lanen, who recently released the brooding "Outlanders EP".

The OO-Ray - Waimea [DIST025]

As the play button is pressed, yr falling through the mid-day sky from 10000 feet up. This is pure dronegaze.

Kwala - Projectionss EP

I first heard Kwala on the compilation "Dagobot Vol. II" and then got his album "Dimesional Hymns", all of the sudden i was like MOAR PLZ. Its a link between the beat and future bass genres fr sure. With glitched and pitched vocal cuts drowning in viscous ambient washes paired with oddly timed beats, this is definitely screw age r'n'b fr pixelhippies.

Ascetic - A Network of Lines that Intersect [PLANET034]

Like the moment a spark ignites a flammable mass of vapor, the opening "The Palace at the Edge of Time" slowly evolves from tiny specks into a super massive black hole of calming resonance and dissolves into the dark and brooding clicks and pulses of "Hyperbolic Geometry", setting the mood fr the rest of the album up through the insect-like closing track "The Palace at the Edge of Time Part 2".

Marcoerre - When I'm Away [unfound62]

If you were to compare this release to his previous "Dhammadiet" (a playful yet academic foray into scratchy ambience and prickly wooden beats) and "Only a Plant Can Help Me" (aimed more towards the head than the feet, although dancing to it would not be discouraged), you would most likely be in disbelief that this is in fact Marcoerre, being that this sound is so open and bright. This time around he focuses on the dubside of things with hazy synths, plenty of delay, and a steady organic shuffle brought on by soft and sweet beats.

Raszia - Abductions [Zimmer080]

Raszia hits the ground running and keeps the gears grinding during this thirty minute chunk of disgustingly raw techno. Each "abduction" is a paranoid rush of pummeling kicks, crisp hi-hats, sweat inducing rhythm and subtle acid elements that remind me of the few underground parties i went to back 10 years ago.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Label Spotlight: end fence

That "NEW" sound: The one yr always trying to find, but finds you; that's end fence, combining the aesthetics of modern bass, world music, minimal techno, IDM, and rave, just to name a few. Here's a quick summary of three releases that really stand out and why.

 De Qualia "Grasp"

"Grasp" is a mechorganic artifact unearthed, analyzed and abused resulting in a myriad of swirling growls and grunts. Its movement is that of a kinetic sculpture collapsing and reforming. If dark cybershuffle isnt a genre yet, now it is. The accompanying track "Number Slumber" immediately takes off for deep space with an überchill synth leading into sleek minimal bass thuds which are later met by slow-rolling snares and strange voices.

kuxxan SUUM "Language/Barrier EP"

Blending the elements of big beat, trip hop, musique concrete, ambient, and pretty much everything else under the sonic sun; kuuxan SUUM presents a captivating collection of styles undiscovered. This album really made me think about how i listen to music. Of course, a work of this magnitude could not go unremixed. Included, are reworks by: Awning (who turns the glitchy 2 step of "breakMASTERcylinder" into what seems to be part of a cosmic beat tape), Kelpe (transforming the opener, "Dead Supremacy" into a pophop jumper), DJ Nita (utilizing the wobble of "Bahtel Oot" in his bright, upbeat housey version), and De Quaila (who adds some palm trees and a neon sun to the loungey "3G_Yahmoh").

Doctor Jeep "Aztec EP"

First off lemme just say this: "DAAAAAAAAAAAMN, SHITS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!". Really though, this release caught me by surprise. Not even sure what i was expecting to hear, but WOW! Although the tracks all have an overlying oldskool vibe, they each bring some innovative ideas to this nostalgic sound. It all starts off with the title track's barrage of tribal bootylectro which meets some nasty amens (yr dancing just thinking about it). "XTC" inputs the digits 1-9-9-3 into the revive-o-matic and things get all 808, up next is the twangin and bangin of "Samurai Cinema" followed by the lush ghetto-roller "Level ii".

Welcome to the links section end fence, you've impressed a picky listener.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

YAYATI - Artefactum [7.1.6_020]

Pleasantly disorienting post-dreambient with elements of drugged-out future bass atmospheres. Nuff said.

Nitz - Yellowbill EP [BMD007]

Another sleeping giant has awakened, this time being the Bio-mechanics label from Slovenia. Their offering this time around is a sweet little piece of shuffling clickdub in the form of Nitz's "Yellowbill EP". The title track slowly drifts in and hovers like so many thin layers of smoke, giving way to "Slippery Slope"'s chilled and chirpy 2step vibe. Things get loungey with "Till Yes Yes" and "156" closes out with a crucnchy yet relaxing bit of brightness.

chushi and nipple tapes - chushi and nipple tapes

Since there are zero things that equate to the listening of this pile of weird, i will just have to say "что же это я даже не?" chushi and nipple tapes know what i mean.

Mikrokristal - 526 [dumblys003]

Breaking a nearly year-long slumber, the Dumblys label brings forth a beautiful example of the lush green dream that is Lithuanian dubtech, with Mikrokristal's "526". The cover art alone evokes a feeling of drifting off into the aether with no intention of return. The trip begins with "Summer Webs", a chilled click'n'cut arrangement immersed in aqueous bass floes. Mnemonic45 then builds a cozy little ambient cottage from these elements, stays there fr a while and constructs two spooky, skeletal versions of the title track. Later on, minimal funkist Esse joins the crew with "Pasakishkas Sodas". Ending this deep trek through the mossy trees is Pabulum's stripped down and chilled out version of "Ta-Ta" which had previously had been ghostified in Coppice Halifax's "Disphenoid Rmx".

Manuele Atzeni - Dirty Smiles

Y'ever wonder what yr Tamogatchi is doing when yr not playing with it? Its hangin out in its studio with this weird dude Manuele, a few dancehall MCs and enough greenery to put a whale to sleep. I have obtained recordings from these sessions with the help of the Overknights from planet Italy. They're very strange.

Digi G'Alessio - The Brown Book Remixes [phoke76]

If yr not down with Digi, yr not down at all. If you are, you'd be familiar with a past release of his called "The Brown Book". What lies in this Brown Book that would compel so many remixers to slice off its binding and throw its pages about without g'ing an f? Perhaps its the tales of mysterious yet playful detuned honkbags and crumple machines bumping about in the tropical sun. Yeah that's it.....anyway, the remix roster is ridiculous; Lambent, Colossius, Koolmorf Widesen, UXO, Master of Ribongia, Shex, Manuele Atzeni, and it goes on and on. Expect to hear the wonkiest, splunkiest, most primitve future-skwee and blip-trip from beyond the laws of sound.

Prokaion - Dream Filament

Tooth-rottingly sweet spaced out psychedelic progressive junkfood. File under: guilty pleasure.

Radixx - Raamses

For those who simply can not get enough claps, blaps, and snaps. For those who bask in belligerent, bubbly bass booms. For those who seek the sultry and slithery seas of synth...... Radixx has that. Fr fuckin real.